10 Good Reasons to Experience the Identisys Difference

   Identisys knows secure issuance better than other providers in the market, because we have implemented and refined the most important secure card technologies used today. Identisys can integrate your card program from need analysis, planning, card design to enrollment and issuance, including visual identity and secure access to PCs, networks and databases. Identisys knows the industry. We have more than 19 years of combined experience in the card solutions and identification market. Identisys can help you to greatly simplify card issuance and enrollment and cut capital costs in the process. Select our high-volume card issuance systems, which outsell all other brands, or use our in-house issuance service to save costs. Identisys' professional partners manufacture cards in respect of the latest security and environmental standards, and our cards are tested in order to comply with international quality regulations. Identisys can integrate all elements of your ATM, credit and debit card program, including development of customer applications, card design, and data management. At Identisys, we pay a particular attention to give our customers the best possible service and we provide fast and friendly after-sales service, in the same spirit. Identisys introduced digital photo ID systems nine years ago and set new standards for corporate and government ID programs in East Africa, and we introduced the first e'purse smart cards in Uganda. Identisys knows how to make secure high-volume card programs. We create custom solutions that simplify systems integration and speed every aspect of card issuance. Identisys develops solutions that will leverage your existing assets, such as databases and access control systems. Our solutions allow for growth and expansion, so you can count on long-term investment protection.

ID printers - Special offer


Produce thousands of plastic cards with the latest products and the highest level of support in the industry. View Identisys exclusive product range of Magicard® ID Card Printers and FARGO printers from HID Global® and find the printer that best suits your needs.

Financial solutions

ATM machine

Introducing ATM, credit and debit card program, or upgrading an existing program? Identisys secure financial solutions provide secure processing and personalization. We can help you plan and implement a smooth transition and save capital costs in the process.

Retransfer technology


Innovative technology for retransfer printing delivers a fast, flexible and affordable solution. Unlike traditional card printers, which transfer images directly onto the card surface, retransfer printers produce cards with the printed image residing underneath a clear layer, inside the card.

Secure ID solutions


Look no further for identity/access cards for your employees, patients, members, hotel guests or loyal customers. Identisys custom designs cards with all the security features. Why not try our onsite card issuance service? Secure ID solutions have never been this simple.

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